Welcome to B Bar Ranch
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Welcome to the B Bar Ranch

Arriving in the heart of Yellowstone country, we find a landscape shaped by glaciers and volcanoes, where the mountains are still growing and the rivers cut through a geography whose names trace its history and its people. In the midst of this vast, open landscape, nestled into the pristine privacy of the Tom Miner Basin, is B Bar Ranch.

Established in 1906, the B Bar today manages a herd of Ancient White Park cattle (from which organic, grass-finished beef is sold throughout Montana), and operates a high-altitude organic garden and greenhouse featuring heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs. B Bar ranch has wound down its long time Suffolk Punch draft horse program which has helped to preserve and improve the breed and increased their numbers with sales nationwide and in Canada. The ranch is a place of spectacular beauty, and committed to protecting its unique and extraordinary environment in perpetuity.

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