Responsible Planning and Management of Resources

It is our commitment to practice responsible management of resources entrusted to our care. The most valuable thing we have is the health of our ecosystem and we are committed to sustaining this ecosystem for future generations. We are open to testing new and innovative ranching practices and sharing them.

We advance stewardship by:

  • Raising Ancient White Park cattle
  • Maintaining organic certification of our land, cattle, and garden
  • Practicing low stress livestock management
  • Preserving habitat and allowing free passage for the myriad of wildlife species that reside on or travel through the ranch
  • Hosting non-profit groups working toward our larger vision
  • Welcoming guests and groups who utilize the ranch for activities such as meetings, retreats, reunions, workshops and relaxing vacations
  • Embracing ecologically responsible practices
  • Sharing what we do with others who are interested in our activities and the values that underlie them

Land & Natural Resources

The landscape containing the watersheds and drainages that create the Tom Miner Basin is a complex mosaic of range sites, soil types, plant communities, topographic relief, hydrologic patterns, slopes and aspects. The B Bar is situated at a focal point where multiple tributaries meet to add their unique ecological signature to the overall diversity of the landscape. The ranch is a part of a unique and fragile ecosystem and a place of exceptional beauty. We respect and maintain its splendor by managing the natural resource base for sustainability and diversity, and strive to live in harmony and balance with its many native floral and faunal inhabitants. We continuously evaluate how our management practices impact native species as well as how our conduct influences neighboring habitats, including U.S. Forest Service lands, a handful of other working ranches and Yellowstone National Park.

> Land
> Weed Management
> Timber
> Water
> Wildlife


Our agricultural operations function in harmony with and support of an intact ecosystem. Correctly deployed, the grazing, hoof action and natural fertilization of our cattle serve to improve range health. Portable fences serve to control grazing and distribution and to maintain a high level of human presence to minimize conflicts with predators. New technologies are also a part of our ranch operation. Google Earth, GPS, and solar powered fences are tools and utilities we use daily. Overall, the concept of "leave more, take less" is our general strategy and has left us with a natural and highly productive rangeland.

> Ancient White Park Cattle
> Suffolk Punch Draft Horses
> Horticulture

Sustainability Practices

There is an abundance of native, bio-diverse grass species on the ranch and the surrounding area where wildlife are active. B Bar goes to great lengths to protect this ecosystem. We manage cattle activity to imitate that of wildlife while limiting their competition for resources. We assure that the land is certified organic each year. Using approved methods, we have removed or burned truck loads of invasive weeds such as Houndstongue, knapweed, and hoary alyssum. The presence of dung beetles in the soil and police car moths in the basin are likely due to native borage species thriving due to lack of broadcast spraying.

> Energy Efficiency
> Recycling